Erasmus Mundus - Al Idrisi II

Erasmus Mundus - Al Idrisi II

A scholarship scheme for exchange and cooperation
between Europe and North Africa

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How to apply - Overview

The following sections provide detailed information on the application process for an Erasmus Mundus - Al Idrisi II scholarship: application procedure, access to the online application form, selection criteria, and a list of the documents that need to be uploaded to the online application platform.

  • General information
    Here you can find some general notes about the call and the application process that you should keep in mind when applying for an Erasmus Mundus - Al Idrisi II scholarship.
  • Application and selection procedure
    In this section you will learn more about the application process: from the moment when you apply online to the moment when all mobility flows start.
  • Selection criteria
    Here you can learn more about the different criteria that will be taken into consideration when evaluating the applications.
  • Documents to be uploaded
    Here you can find out about the documents that you will have to upload according to the level of mobility you would like to apply for.
  • Academic offer of the partnership
    Here you can find all fields of study offered by the Erasmus Mundus - Al Idrisi II consortium universities.
  • Application form
    This section leads you directly to the online application form.
  • Selection result
    The results of the selection process will be published here.

Al Idrisi Scholarships


Erasmus Mundus - Al Idrisi II is a project for exchange and cooperation between Europe and North Africa that provided scholarships for undergraduate and master students, doctoral candidates, post-doctoral fellows and academic and administrative staff. The third and last call for applications closed in January 2016. Further calls are not expected. We invite you to stay informed and subscribe to our News Alert!


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