Erasmus Mundus - Al Idrisi II

Erasmus Mundus - Al Idrisi II

A scholarship scheme for exchange and cooperation
between Europe and North Africa

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Important: The following information refers to the first edition of Erasmus Mundus - Al Idrisi that will not grant scholarships any more. If you would like to read more about the second edition or are interested in a scholarship, please click on the following link: Erasmus Mundus - Al Idrisi II

Founded in 1975, the University Hassan II - Casablanca is a public institution with legal personality and administrative and financial autonomy. It hosts over 26.000 students, including 600 foreign students, taught by 1.150 teachers researchers and 698 administrative staff.



The university consists of three sites :

  • Campus route d’El-Jadida – Hay Hassani
    • Faculty of Law, Economics and Social Sciences : 10.875 students;
    • Faculty of sciences : 5.555 students;
    • High School of Electricity and Mechanics : 719 students;
    • High Scholol of Technology : 670 students;
    • Normal High School : 589 students;
  • Campus Quartier des hôpitaux - Anfa
    • Faculty of Medicine and pharmacy : 3.024 students;
    • Faculty of Dentistry : 625 students;
    • Presidency of the university.
  • Campus Hay Inara - Ain Chock
      Faculty of Arts and Humanities : 4.161 students.

The introduction and implementation of educational reform in 2003, which established the LMD system in Moroccan universities, helped to provide students with more advanced training and best meet the demands of society, with the implementation up to 18 basic licenses, 23 professional licenses, 27 masters, 24 professional masters, 08 training courses for engineers, 07 training courses for higher technician, 05 training courses in medicine and dentistry and 42 continuing education and 20 doctoral programs in 05 centers of doctoral studies. It also conducts research activities in accredited research structures: 35 research laboratories, 145 research teams. It also houses the focal point of four national research networks.

In order to continue its process of self-evaluation and quality, the University has established an internal audit department for the perpetuation of internal devices for certification.

Université Hassan II - Casablanca, Morocco


Official Erasmus Mundus - Al Idrisi contact person: Prof. Idriss Mansouri

Contact emails and phone numbers:
Please address specific questions according to the topic only to one of the following addresses:

  • for general questions about the Erasmus Mundus - Al Idrisi project at the Université Hassan II - Casablanca
    Prof. Idriss Mansouri
    email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • for students and staff interested in Erasmus Mundus - Al Idrisi scholarships
    M. Abdellatif KOMAT.
    email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Al Idrisi Scholarships


Erasmus Mundus - Al Idrisi II is a project for exchange and cooperation between Europe and North Africa that provided scholarships for undergraduate and master students, doctoral candidates, post-doctoral fellows and academic and administrative staff. The third and last call for applications closed in January 2016. Further calls are not expected. We invite you to stay informed and subscribe to our News Alert!


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