Selection criteria

The evaluation of the applications will be done by the home and host universities based on the grading scheme agreed by the Partnership (see below). The score obtained will be the basis for the allocation of the scholarships. For candidates not registered or enrolled at a partner or an associate university, the evaluation will be done by the university that represents the respective country at the Advisory and Selection Committee (ASC).

Erasmus Mundus - Al Idrisi II considers several thematic areas as priority fields. Applications corresponding to one of these disciplines will automatically obtain 5 extra points during the evaluation process. To learn more about priority fields and the disciplines offered by the Erasmus Mundus - Al Idrisi II partnership, please click here.

Since associate universities have a status that is very similar to the role of full partner universities, applicants enrolled or registered there will have preference for Target Group 2 and Target Group 3 scholarships. In order to account for the preference, 5 extra points will be added to the score obtained during the evaluation process.

Applicants who include a support letter from a contact person of an International Cooperation Cells will receive 10 extra points.

Approximately one half of the scholarships will be awarded based on the total score obtained. The other half of scholarships will be distributed taking into account cross-cutting requirements such as a balanced distribution of grantees among the partner universities, gender-balance and real participation of disadvantaged persons.

Grading scheme
 Home UniversityHost University
Strategic importance of the discipline 3 3
Academic merit (GPA, motivation, ...) 4 5
Disadvantaged Groups 1 -
Subtotal 8 8
Final Grade   16


 Home UniversityHost University
Academic merit (CV, GPA, motivation statement, research plan, ...) 20 25
Letter of support 5 5
Institutional commitment in (re)incorporating the candidate 2 -
Disadvantaged groups 3 -
Subtotal 30 30
Final grade   60


Post-doctorate, Academic and Administrative Staff
 Home UniversityHost University
Academic merit [Post-Doc, Academic Staff] /
Administrative merit [Administrative Staff]
(CV, motivation, research plan, ...)
- 15
Strategic and academic interest 10 3
Letter of support 5 2
Institutional commitment in (re)incorporating the candidate 5 -
Subtotal 20 20
Final grade   40